How Many Times Can You Refill Smok Novo Pod

Refilling your pod mod is a great way to cut your costs and reduce the amount of waste you produce in the long run. Pods are cheap and easy to use, but they can get costly if you buy new ones every time you vape. Refilling a Smok Novo pod is easy, but it’s only possible after disassembling the device. Here are some helpful tips on how you can refill a Smok Novo pod without risk of damaging it.

How Many Times Can You Refill Smok Novo Pod

There isn’t a set number of times you can refill your pod. Your pod’s lifespan will depend on your vaping habits. If you want to know how many refills your pod can take, you’ll have to experiment. Keep in mind that pods can be refilled only so many times.

When it comes to the Smok Novo, you can refill the pod up to 2 times before needing to replace it. This is due to the fact that the pod is designed to be used with the Smok Novo 2ml replacement pods. If you are using the Smok Novo with the 1.5ml replacement pods, then you can refill the pod up to 3 times.

After a few refills, you may notice a drop in the taste and vapor production. You may even experience a burnt taste after a few refills. Your pod may also start leaking or taste foul. These are signs that refilling your pod is no longer worth it.


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How to Refill a Smok Novo Pod

What You’ll Need

Smok Novo Pod: You can find pods for your Novo device in almost any e-liquid store. Pods come in various flavors, nicotine strengths, and PG/VG ratios. You can choose the flavor and strength that works best for you.

A Screwdriver: You will need a small screwdriver to open the pod and a larger one to unscrew the coil.

Cotton Wicking Material: Cotton is a cheap and easy to find material. You can find it in most craft stores as well as online.

A Small Tweezer: This will help you pull out excess cotton when refilling your pod.

Disassemble Your Smok Novo Pod

Your pod is a sealed unit, so you will have to take it apart in order to refill it. The good news is that the pods are easy to disassemble. There are two ways to disassemble your pod: you can tear it apart or you can use a screwdriver. Tearing the pod apart is a bit risky and will leave you with a mess, so it’s best to use a screwdriver.

Using a screwdriver: Place the top cap of the pod on a flat surface. Place your screwdriver on top of the cap, with the blade facing upward. Turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise until the cap pops off.

Re-wick your Smok Novo Pod

You’ll have to re-wick your pod if the cotton inside starts to clog. This is a common problem if you use a VG-heavy e-liquid. The excess VG inside the cotton can clog it up and reduce the airflow. If you notice a decrease in vapor and flavor, it’s probably time to re-wick your pod. Re-wicking is easy, but you have to be careful not to tear your pod’s cotton. You can easily tear the cotton if you aren’t careful. Follow these steps to re-wick your Smok Novo pod.

Place the bottom part of the pod on a flat surface with the coil facing up. Follow the same steps to tear apart the pod if you are re-wicking it with a screwdriver.

Shake and Vape!

After you’ve filled the pod and re-wicked it, it’s time to put everything back together. Make sure your pod is dry before you start reassembling it. You don’t want any water inside your pod, as this can damage your coil. Screw the bottom part of the pod back on with a screwdriver. Place the top part of the pod back on top of the bottom section and screw it tight with a screwdriver. You can now put your pod back in your Novo device and start vaping.

The amount of e-liquid you should use will depend on the type of coil you have in your pod. You can use as little or as much e-liquid as you want, but refilling your pod should be no more than half full. You don’t want to overfill the pod or you could end up damaging your coil.


Refilling your pod is a quick and easy way to save money long-term. Pods are inexpensive, but you’ll have to buy new ones every time you run out of e-liquid. Refilling your pod is a cheap and easy way to keep vaping without having to buy new pods every time. You can refill your pod as many times as you want, but pods have a lifespan. Pods are meant to last a few weeks, but you can extend their lifespan by re-wicking and refilling them.

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