Can Smok Acro Use Regular Juice?

The Acro is a pod device that can only use special pre-filled pods. However, the company also makes an accessory called the Smok Acro Adapter that can convert regular juice into pods so you can use them in your Acro. This article covers everything you need to know about using regular vape juice in your Smok Acro. Keep reading for details and advice on how to do it without making a mess or creating potential safety issues.

What You Need To Use Regular Juice

You can use your Smok Acro with pre-filled pods from the company or with vape juice from regular bottles. You can’t use the device with e-liquid, since the wick in the Acro isn’t designed to handle higher amounts of liquid.

If you want to use normal juice in your Acro, you’ll need some extra accessories. You will need a pod converter like the one made by Smok, a syringe to fill the pod, and a bottle of juice.

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How to Fill Your Smok Acro With Regular Juice

First, you’ll need to fill the pod with juice. If you are using a pod converter to do this, use a syringe to inject the liquid into the pod. Note that it’s important to use a good vape juice for this process.

Cheap juices often contain impurities that can clog your converter and pod, as well as degrade the rubber inside the pod. You’ll want to use a high-quality juice like those from Halo or V2.

You can use a syringe to inject a large amount of juice into the pod, while a smaller syringe will be easier if you only have a few milliliters left in your bottle.

What You Need to Know About Using Regular Juice in an Acro

The Acro is only designed to work with a small amount of juice in each pod. It’s meant to have a small amount of liquid so it can draw easily through the wick. That’s one of the reasons it uses pre-filled pods instead of pods that you fill yourself.

The other reason is to reduce the risk of leaking. It’s also important to note that the wick in the Acro isn’t designed to handle high amounts of liquid. You’ll want to make sure your juice is at a lower VG level when using a pod converter.

Tips for Filling Pods With Normal Vape Juice

Use a syringe: Syringes are cheap, easy to use, and are a good way to control the amount of liquid you put into your pods.

Use a smaller syringe: If you only have a small amount of juice left in your bottle, you’ll be better off using a smaller syringe so you can use every drop.

Measure the amount of juice: Make sure you know how much juice you have so you don’t accidentally overfill your pod.

Use the right VG level: VG is the main ingredient in the majority of e-liquids. It’s what gives your juice its thickness and viscosity. With a pod converter, you’ll want to use a lower VG level in your juice.

Let your juice sit: When you have a pod converter, the extra time between filling your pods and using them will give your juice time to settle down.

Pros and Cons of Using Normal Vape Juice in an Acro

Pros: You can use any juice you want, so long as you use a pod converter. If you have an established favorite brand and flavor, you can use it with your Acro.

Cons: You’ll need to use a syringe if you’re not using pre-filled pods. This can be a bit messy and is a bit more of a hassle than using pre-filled pods.

Risk of leaking: The Acro pods have a special seal to prevent leaking. You’ll need to make sure your pod converter has a similar seal so you don’t leak onto your device.

Wicking issues: The wick in the Acro is designed to draw a small amount of liquid through the wick. It’s possible that you’ll have some wicking issues if you use a cartomizer or RDA with a pod converter.


The Smok Acro is a pod-style device that can only use special pods filled with an e-liquid designed for low-wattage devices. You can fill those pods with any normal vape juice using a pod converter accessory. You can also use regular vape juice by filling a pod with a syringe and using a smaller syringe to fill bottles of juice.

You’ll need to make sure you use a lower VG level in your juice and make sure the pod has a seal to prevent leaking. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the wicking of your device if you use a pod converter. If you have any questions about the information in this article, feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your experiences with the Acro and pod-style devices in general.

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